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  • DamonDraco

    This can be very annoying on my part...or some may just not take interest into this. This little blog is about another relation I found in for Doflamingo with real life. I'll just be voicing what I think, so beware that I am not stating facts.

    So I was doing some reading into characters' trivia, and I saw that Law's name are references to Napoleon's Battles. Water Law, Battle of Waterloo, I knew this but then I ventured into wikipedia on the Battle's page. It apparently happened in June 18th, 1815. So you also look at Alliance vs Donquixotes...Doflamingo represents Napoleon & shit, while the Alliance is the Coalition. Yes, Water Loo was basically the decisive battle between Napoleon and the seventh coalition.

    So then...One Piece comes out Th…

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