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The most "misused" DF's

Which Df's do u think could be Overpowered if only used the right way??

My list:

Noro Noro, Foxy's DF. If this was used better it would be the strongest DF shown so far.. I mean, slow down Kizaru, find a seastone sword, slash him...

Bomu Bomu, Mr. 5's DF. Actually this is on paper a killer DF, I mean everything produced by the user could become a deadly weapon. Also Mr. 5. used it right I guess. 

Hana Hana, Robin's DF. An DF that allows you to "fly", duplicate yourself, "teleport", summon a body part everywhere u need to.. Nuff said.

Sabi Sabi, Shu's DF. An ability to make "everything" rust, everything from swords to skin.

Doa Doa, Blueno's DF. Being able to summon a door and disappear to a place where u can't get hurt.

You agree? 

Which DF's do you think is misused?

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