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Hey Wikians.

In the spirit of New Year I thoght i would do a blog about something that been on my mind the past few weeks. As the title suggest this blog is about loose ends, mysteries in OP universe. 

Oda is a king in this matter, one of the best foreshadowers out there. As shown, big part of the series have foreshadowing as a major role. For instance a major one not long ago.."Smiles are in" if u get it:D Or Brook's indirect existing, at Laboon. Jimbe being "announced in chapter 69. Sabo being alive from WB n Ace Chopper foreshadowed.

Or Nami foreshadowing Robin and Boa Hancock.



Anyways that's not what this blog is about, its about loose ends. Something that we already knows will play a role in the furure. The thing at chapter 490 is whats been on my mind to be precise. WHAT THE FU*K WAS THAT!Some "Towers/Eyes/Typhoons lurking in the dark. What is that? The thing with the whole Lola's mom is big mom and the fact that it begins to rain candy on the next chapter, might be a foreshadowing of some sort of involvment by Big mom? Or did I miss any reveal?


Do you think about any "loose ends" then please share.. Afterall its a great aspect of the Genius Oda. And i find it exiting:)