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If the Whitebeard began 2 years later?

Well I can't help but wonder, if the war began after Luffys training with Rayleigh.

Even though , Luffy properly wouldn't be trained by Rayleigh, If it weren't for the war.

But, hypothetical speaking, If Luffy were as strong as now, how would it have gone down?

I know it COULD look like a power blog, but im curios* and i would like to here your apinions:-D


316px (This file no longer exists: File:Luffy_We_Go!.png)

The Whitebeard Pirates

Whitebeard with some of his Commanders and allies (from left to right: Atmos, Rakuyo, White Bay, Fossa, Squardo, Jozu, Marco, Whitebeard himself, Kingdew, Vista, Haruta, Curiel, Izo, Blenheim and the Decalvan Brothers).

Kinga marineford

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