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Hello everyone;/

As the title suggest, what do you think the matchups will be like in this arc? In previous arc it have been somewhat "easy" to foreshadow the matchups, I think Dressrosa is a bit different. For instance right now you would typically think that Zoro is going up against Fujitora, and Sanji vs Big mam crew.. Sounds too op to me.

Here is my guess:

Luffy vs Doflamingo.

Zoro vs Bastille

Sanji vs Tomago 

Brook, Sanji, Momo, CC, Chopper, Nami and maybe Kidd alliance vs Big mam ship

Kinemon vs Pica

Bartholemeo vs Diamante

Sabo vs Burgess 

Franky vs Senor Pink 

Robin vs Lao G

Usopp vs Dellinger

Marines vs Coloseum contesters

Fujitora vs Big mam (if shes onboard) Koala vs Baby 5 and Buffalo or Koala vs Dellinger and Lao G.

This is what im somewhat confident in at the moment:/ 

I just cant seem to figure out how this is going to play out, and i love it! although it bothers me a bit.

The whole, Lao G and Dellinger on the way to Toy house, and the only SH there is Franky.. it just dosen't add up,  Dwarfs n Usoland co. should get there..... AAARRRGH! help_:D


I thought of this scenario btw.:

Luffy is going up against Doflamingo, Zoro is going to keep Fujitora at bay, while Kinemon takes on Bastille. 

At the Colleseum, Burgess vs Sabo vs Bartholemeo vs Unknown or Cavendish. Sabo vs Burgess, Bartholemeo vs Unknown. Sabo wins and is going up against Diamante. 

(Meanwhile at Toyhouse) Franky takes down Senor Pink whitout much effort. Lao G and Dellinger appear. Someone comes to the rescue and helps out(idk about this part, haha) Koala or something.  Dwarfs takes down DD henchmen, And Robin, Franky and Usopp takes down Sugar and Trebol. There is some speculation whether or not Usopp gets turned into a toy, based on the fact that his design is based on Pinochio, u know toy wanna be a boy etc. 

Sanji n Co. flees to Zou. Franky and co. will also arrive, and they take on the crew. prop with some help from Ra, or something. Or.. Kid alliance will arrive and help em out.

The marines attack the Coloseum and the contestents take them on, after they become humans again.

If Big mam is onboard, it will be Fuji vs Big mam.

Idk, this is the only scenario i seem to have a bit confidence in at the moment. I'm pretty sure that they(shp) needs some sort of backup, they have dwarfs n bartholomeo tho..