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This is my first blog, so I would appreciate that you would go easy:-)

Okay, as the title says, Dragon and Rogers powers.

There is already many different theories about Monkey d Dragons powers.

Some states that he have a mystical dragon zoan DF, others that he have a storm Df, or a wind DF.

In lougetown, at luffy's execution, there was a storm approching, and that storm basicly saves luffy( With the lightning). Thats where many of the theories come from, the storm and the wind.

Anyways, in the strong world movie when Roger fights Shiki, a storm is approhing, just like in lougetown. This storm basicly destroy shikis army.

So here is my Theory.

Oda himself have said that a devil fruit can't exist at the same time.

Rogers fruit was either that storm or wind fruit. He used it against Shiki and destroyed his fleet.

But how did Dragon get it???

Well I think that Dragon was actually on Rogers ship, until Roger died. Then Roger had somehow given his fruit to Dragon( Maybe Roger told him how to extract a Df from a body) Well Dragons hate to the Wg grew. He had seen how corrupt it could be( with the Celestial Dragons) and now they had also killed Roger! Then Dragon made the revolutionaries, rest is history.

Also, maybe Dragons bounty is that high not only because that he is the leader of the revolutionaries, but also because he been on Rogers ship. Just look at Buggy....

Well this is my theory, I know that theres properly many spelling mistakes.....sorry:-)

What do you guys think??? is it possible or just crazy?