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  • D.Dragon123

    Dressrosa Matchups?

    January 8, 2014 by D.Dragon123

    Hello everyone;/

    As the title suggest, what do you think the matchups will be like in this arc? In previous arc it have been somewhat "easy" to foreshadow the matchups, I think Dressrosa is a bit different. For instance right now you would typically think that Zoro is going up against Fujitora, and Sanji vs Big mam crew.. Sounds too op to me.

    Here is my guess:

    Luffy vs Doflamingo.

    Zoro vs Bastille

    Sanji vs Tomago 

    Brook, Sanji, Momo, CC, Chopper, Nami and maybe Kidd alliance vs Big mam ship

    Kinemon vs Pica

    Bartholemeo vs Diamante

    Sabo vs Burgess 

    Franky vs Senor Pink 

    Robin vs Lao G

    Usopp vs Dellinger

    Marines vs Coloseum contesters

    Fujitora vs Big mam (if shes onboard) Koala vs Baby 5 and Buffalo or Koala vs Dellinger and Lao G.

    This is what im somewhat …

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  • D.Dragon123

    Loose ends!?

    January 1, 2014 by D.Dragon123

    Hey Wikians.

    In the spirit of New Year I thoght i would do a blog about something that been on my mind the past few weeks. As the title suggest this blog is about loose ends, mysteries in OP universe. 

    Oda is a king in this matter, one of the best foreshadowers out there. As shown, big part of the series have foreshadowing as a major role. For instance a major one not long ago.."Smiles are in" if u get it:D Or Brook's indirect existing, at Laboon. Jimbe being "announced in chapter 69. Sabo being alive from WB n Ace Chopper foreshadowed.

    Or Nami foreshadowing Robin and Boa Hancock.



    Anyways that's not what this blog is about, its about loose ends. Something that we alre…

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  • D.Dragon123

    Hey. As most users would agree on, a shit storm is not a thing that belongs on this wiki..

    Usually when people begins a discussion about everything from Kuzan's hair length to an argument over a shadowed char, people tend to use more hostile words, which honestly is quite arrogant and immature.

    So instead of caling people idiots, morons etc. etc. Lets make a system with bets!! 

    If u didn't know I won a bit a little time ago 8b.. I was expecting an -.-'

    Basicly, when an argument is beginning to escalate* someone just says" Oi, it's time for a bet bitches!!"

    Then the two parts agree on a consequence, this can be anything from a change of avatar, to a suspension from the wiki.. be creative!

    The winner may gloat the day the victory is…

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  • D.Dragon123

    Some theories regarding Doflamingos Family, summeries on the ones floating around at fandoms.

    First theory.

    Doflamingo's "family" is divided into 4 sections, Commander/brances/Units if you will. Named by cards, Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds and Spades.. Dofla is the Joker=The leader.

    I'll try to go in depth:

    1.) The "old" guy- Spades. Having 4 of spade card in his hand.. possibly indicating to 4 seats. Also having 4 of hearts but that seat was reserved, and having 3 jacks.. so he might be the king.. as the king commands his soldiers in this case jacks.

    "Old man"

    2.) Based on the bit we've seen till now, The "Old Lady" seem to be the Diamond seat. Basicly the back of her cards is filled with diamonds. 

    "Old woman"

    3.)Trafalfgar Law was supposed to be the…

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  • D.Dragon123

    Hey guys.

    Oda usually do his arcs with themes( Zombies, Angels(skypeia), fishmen etc.) Odas theme basis for the upcoming arc will be Lewis Carrolls books "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking-Glass". In my opinion Oda has already given us a lot of hints..! Here are a few parallels that I have noticed so far: Big Mom- bears many similarities to the Queen of Hearts, including:

    -A very quick temper.. is very fast to sentence people to death.. -A great love for sweets.. -Queen of Hearts' subjects are mainly animals.. (SMILE armies..) -Big Mom is also fond of tea parties which feature prominently in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

    Underworld - Wonderland. In the books, Wonderland was accessed via a rabbit hole and seemed li…

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