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Who is the strongest non devil fruit user?

We all know that not all of the characters in one piece is a devil fruit user so who is the top non devil fruit user based on the chapters and information that we know as of now...(except for the pirate king and the characters that is not confirmed)

My personal top 3 non devil fruit user are....(random order)

[[File:300px-Silvers_Rayleigh.jpg|thumb][[File:250px-Akagami_no_Shanks.jpg|thumb][[File:260px-Garppic.png|thumb]silver rayleigh - he was seen fighting a sea king in the water at chapter 591

                - vice captain of gold roger

shanks - he save luffy from a seaking

       - one of the yonkou

garp - if there is a scene that confirmed that he can swim...please write it on your comment..

  - vice admiral( also offer with a higher position)

.....this is my own opinion your free to write

          who are the strongest non devil fruit user?

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