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Ok...Im so glad that chapter 598 is out after a month of waiting but Im so excited now for the next chapter..

Some question pop up to my mind...

What upgrades do Franky (BF37) and Thousand Sunny have?

How Roronoa Zorro will appear? How can he be the first to be in the archipelago? Is Perona with him?

What is the new power of the straw hat crew?

How they will beat up the fake crew?

Who is Wet Hair" Caribou and "Blood-Splatterer" Coribou?

Is the official reunion will happen on chapter 600?

What Rayleigh means in this "HE did a good job as well"? It is Duval or somebody else he is talking about?

What happens to Smoker?Did he transfer to G1 or HQ (because HQ is in new world now)

Who is the new Fleet admiral?

What happens to Kuma when he came to Thousand Sunny 2 years ago in the story?

Is Buggy became a sichibukai?

What happens to Coby?

What happens to the Supernovas? especially Law , Drake , Kid ,Hawkins and Bonney?

What happens to fishman island?

What happens to Sengoku and Garp?

What happens to Whitebeard Pirates?

If you have other question you post it to and talk about some expectation about the next chapters?


(for me no doubt!!! ONE PIECE NUMBER 1)