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What are the 7 great mysteries of One Piece?

As I was reading Sanji's page, I read about his swirl eyebrows is one of the seven great mysteries in one piece....

My question is, What are the other 7 great mysteries of One Piece?

Th other thing i want to know in the future are:

1. Sanji's swirl eyebrows and his left eye

2. Chopper's blue nose ( its origin )

3. Smillie jolly roger

4. Kuina and Tashigi

5. Luffy's mother

6. 2 other yonkou (big mom maybe Lola's mother )

7. Pirate who killed rumbar pirate

8. Red hair's left hand ( maybe oda has a twist so he can covered the anime's error )

9. Power of Blackbeard pirates

10. One piece itself

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