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do you think sabo is stil alive ??

Cs2maor October 6, 2011 User blog:Cs2maor

so ive been thainkin with a friand user:strawhat1 ...

thar is no way sabo is actually dead just think about it !

thar is a few reasons why i think sabo is alive

  • we have never seen a bodey
  • when dragon came beck to ivankov after the celectial dragons arrivle to sabo's home town ivankov askd him that he has ther ( refering to somting dragon brouht ) but we dont know what was thar
  • why the hell wolde they intreduce a secret cherecter from the past just too kill her

my opinion is that dragon saved sabo from the castelial dragons and traind him . i also think he will reappere sometime in the new world and will encounter the straw hats ( or at least luffy )

what do you think ??

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