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After months of constant waiting it's finally paid off! Big Mam has finally made her debut in One Piece! Here are my thoughts, and predictions for this candy-crazed Yonko.

Thoughts on appearance

Honestly, I cant say I'm shocked. She is just as revolting as I believed her to be. In her main image (the one above), she appears to be getting up from, or sitting down into a chair, but is lurching to one side due to the weight of her head (and quite possibly her hair). Also, if you look close enough you can see her feat by the acid she's drooling. This leads me to believe that she has a little body, and her walking is limited by her head. Lastly, if you look again by the acid, you can see what appears to be the ends of her curly hair.

Thoughts on role in story

Based on the previous chapter, I believe that Big Mam will be the next major antagonist to face the Strawhats in the New World Saga. She frequently mentions something of a tea party, which takes place in four days, requiring Fishman Island's candy. After declaring war against her, Luffy and the Strawhats will travel to Whole Cake Island, in order to free Fishman Island from her tyrant control over it. Here, they will crash the tea party, and defeat Big Mam. This would then attract the attention of the World Government, and the remaining Yonko, prompting the possiblity of many differant story arcs.