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  • Copper5

    Big Mam has appeared!!!!

    December 28, 2011 by Copper5

    After months of constant waiting it's finally paid off! Big Mam has finally made her debut in One Piece! Here are my thoughts, and predictions for this candy-crazed Yonko.

    Honestly, I cant say I'm shocked. She is just as revolting as I believed her to be. In her main image (the one above), she appears to be getting up from, or sitting down into a chair, but is lurching to one side due to the weight of her head (and quite possibly her hair). Also, if you look close enough you can see her feat by the acid she's drooling. This leads me to believe that she has a little body, and her walking is limited by her head. Lastly, if you look again by the acid, you can see what appears to be the ends of her curly hair.

    Based on the previous chapter, I be…

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  • Copper5

    Oh my god! I cant take it anymore!!!!!!!! I have to see Big Mom and Kaidou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im getting so impatient of waiting for at least Big Mom to show up at Fishman Island, Shes supposed to be protecting it for crying out loud!!!!! I know Oda probably has some big storyline planned for them later down the line but Im sick of waiting! Someone write him a letter! Someone do something!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Copper5

    Well for whatever reason im very anxious to learn more about the final two Yonkou the murderous Kaidou and the mysterious Big Mom. So I wanna here your opinions about them like which one is Kaidou and which is Big Mom who they are and when they will appear! Tell me on this blog post!

    • The bottom one
    • Drove Moria insane
    • Attacked Shanks
    • Controls/Owns his own island

    • The top one
    • Possibly Lola's Mother
    • Currently protects Fishman Island
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  • Copper5

    see above blog post

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  • Copper5

    Luffy - I Just Cant Wait To Be King

    Zolo - Ill Make A Man Out Of You

    Nami - Mine, Mine, Mine

    Usopp - I Can Go The Distance

    Sanji - He's A Tramp

    Chopper - I Wanna Be Like You

    Robin - Reflection

    Franky - You Got A Friend In Me

    Brooke - Part Of That World

    Blackbeard - Be Prepared

    Gecko Moria - This Is Halloween

    Boa Hancock - Love Will Find Away

    Bartholomew Kuma - Poor Unfortunate Souls

    Magellan - Poison

    Shirahoshi - Part of Your World

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