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Consus, the Erudite God

aka Ordo the God of Order

  • Consus, the Erudite God

    After much consideration, I have seen each of the Shichibukai shown across the series display several traits but one thing had interested me. Like the blog observing the seven deadly sins seen in Christianity that are present the Straw Hats, I always believed the originally known Shichibukai were exemplary examples of certain "sins" based on their behavior.

    Dracule Mihawk- Sin: Pride- His status as the world's greatest swordsman has made him unbelievably confident in his ability to the point of seeing lesser opponents as bugs to be sliced under his blade. He looks down on anyone not near his level or notice and freely admits his boredom with being the best as if even that was below him. He is the Shichibukai who truly feels and can prove he…

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