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  If the Whitebeard Pirates is complete in battle..they have all the commanders like MARCO,ACE,JOZU and their Allies like Oars Jr,Squard, Jinbei,Luffy,Ivankov,Crocodile,Bugggy and all the characters involved in the war that have a alliance with whitebeard ..

Do you think that they have a chance to defeat the whole Marines(including 3 Admirals,Sengoku,Garp,Warlords,vice admirals ) in an ALL OUT WAR????

for me..they can defeat the Marines,

if MARCO,face KIZARU,JOZU face AKAINU, and ACE face AOKIJI, in battle,they can match up with the Admirals,,Pops face Sengoku in battle....Luffy vs Garp

and IVANKOV,JINBEI,CROCODILE,BUGGY(Boa hancock is on luffy's side) can match the current warlords like MIHAWK,KUMA,MORIA,DOFLAMINGO.Oars easily deafeated the Giant-unit of marines...

What is ur oppinion??hmmm