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so after reading chapter 683 i cant help but think about law's crew. so far law has been by himself and the rest of his crew is no where to be found. theres either 2 possibiltites, 1 there are waiting for him some where else or 2 there are all dead or captures by the Navy, Maybe law killed them and sent their hearts as a few of the 100. Also just to add this in, his submarine was the best ship idea yet. that makes traveling so much easier and gives that crew the advantage of sneak attacks.

another thing i cant help but wonder is if its possible that this alliance will turn into a new crew member. i have a feeling that a new crew member is going to be added and considering oda said it would be a girl who would join ive been thinking either it will monet or baby 5. considering how baby 5 seemed to get mad when doflamingo sent out the execution order on law it seems like if luffy successfully captures ceaser so how it will connect to law ultimate plan and aid in baby 5 decision to maybe join the crew. this is just my idea.. it could lead to greater tension with luffy and doflamingo only makng the new world arc more interesting. this is pretty open ended but its just stuff ive been thinking about.