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So ever since the timeskip, many blogs and forums talk about luffy strength. some believe his bounty should go up based on new attacks he has developed (like red hawk or 2nd-3rd gear combos), the fact that he has haki or just because marines were around to see the crews new strength on PH. now luffys declares his official ultimatum in the new world sea and hes taking on kaido. i dont think he is ready just yet. i mean come on, if luffy is going to be the strongest pirate then he is going to have to fight kaido one on one. yea for 2 years straight he trained and did get stronger no doubt but he was only battling animals on rusukaina. hes been putting his training to use for the last 2 arcs. fishman island was a joke.. luffy had hody beaten easily on land no matter how many pills he popped, that fight would of been over quick if hody didnt follow shirahoshi into the sea. and ceaser was a scientist, not a experinced fighter. luffy does have some advantages like getting pissed then whooping ass, his stamina and courage that allows him to keep fighting no matter what but a person can only take so much.  plus hes hoashoku haki doesnt seem to be that strong. hody and his crew didnt faint and they werent that strong compared to the straw hats

he should fight a supernova before a yonko.

the way i see it is kaido was going to fight newgate until shanks stopped him. in the recent chapters, his strength seem to be on par with newgate - a man the took 2 magma fist to the torso, multiple point blank shots, canon shots and stabs/cuts all head on and still stood tall and proud dead with a chunk of his head missing.. im not saying that luffy cant take a rough beating because his proven it but to that extent.. ivankov was the only reason he could fight during the war. i have a feeling if luffy does fight kaido in this next arc luffy gonna get KO. if that happens he will have more a drive to fight and become stronger.maybe something along the lines of luffy going into complete pirate steriod mode raises hell.

this are just my opinions stated above.. the name has nothing to do with the blog.