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so several characters are seen to have the middle initail D. the will of D is an interesting concept that is still hidden. an idea i was thinking about was that the D may stand for determination. I dont literally mean its stands for determination because that would be a weird middle name but that idea of determination. so far every character with the initial D has a strong will to never back down. they protect what they love and if beaten the accept thier loss and comeback even stronger (like saiyans from dragonball). i think the D is identification mark to identify those who will do anything to stand by what they beileve in.

For example:

Luffy- nakama is most important and he will do anything to protect them,

Jaguar- protected robin to allow her to escape. he allowed the last hope to live on so that WG willl eventually be exposed

BB- he just wants power and will do anything for it like obtaining several DFs

dragon- world peace/freedom

garp- world peace/freedom but hes idea is a bit different than dragons in the sense that he believes their should be a govt in charge

roger- this one im not so sure about since we dont really know all that much about his personality but if i had to take a guess, its pretty much like luffy since they are allows being compared in certain aspects

rouge- idk, shes pretty still a mystery

ace- i cant really think of a solid idea.. any takers?

any others ideas about the initial D?