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ok so now that the series is going to feature tons of intense fights between all the characters, do you think oda will have one of the straw hats losing and potentially being killed? its kind of a given that the straw hats are going to come out victorious but just to add a twist he decides that theres only so strong a person can get but sometimes theres just someone who is stronger. if one of the crew member did die, who do you guys think it would be and why them particularly? i would say brook or usopp. i think somehow brook's bones would get smashed either resulting in a permenant handicap or possible death. and well usopp if pretty self explanatory. losing chopper, sanji, nami, franky, or robin would mean they would have to find another doctor, cook, navigator or shipwright and i think robins overall purpose it to eventually find out the real truth behind the WG and void century so shes not going anywhere. and well zoro well yea i just dont think that would happen.