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  • Coby413


    August 29, 2013 by Coby413

    Oda has incorparted many aspects of different mythologies around the world. He uses different languages to create names and what not for each character. What would you like to see incorparated in the future and why?

    My personal idea is Hindu mythology. There are many different sects and many gods or even past kingdoms (hindu and muslim) to draw information from. I would personally like to see a warrior either similar to the goddess Kali or any incarnation of Shiva. Shakti would also have to come along with Shiva. That would be the ultimate duo for Luffy to face. We have yet to see a full out battle between Luffy vs. 2 opponents at the same time (well i cant recall any fights like that right now, feel free to correct me.)

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  • Coby413

    So ever since the timeskip, many blogs and forums talk about luffy strength. some believe his bounty should go up based on new attacks he has developed (like red hawk or 2nd-3rd gear combos), the fact that he has haki or just because marines were around to see the crews new strength on PH. now luffys declares his official ultimatum in the new world sea and hes taking on kaido. i dont think he is ready just yet. i mean come on, if luffy is going to be the strongest pirate then he is going to have to fight kaido one on one. yea for 2 years straight he trained and did get stronger no doubt but he was only battling animals on rusukaina. hes been putting his training to use for the last 2 arcs. fishman island was a joke.. luffy had hody beaten …

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  • Coby413

    The smartphone special

    December 29, 2012 by Coby413

    So Glorious Island is said to be a prequel to FIlm Z (i think) but I was wondering if it is only available in Japan on smartphone? Will it ever be able available in the US or even online subbed? I'm really want to watch it as much as everyone else.

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  • Coby413


    December 22, 2012 by Coby413

    Ok so I was reading Chapter 0 and when I got to to the part where all the crew members origins are drawn. Garp is is showing visting Ace so that's Luffy, Kuina's father and the dojo so that's zoro. etc. So I got to the part where Hatchan is visiting Shakky and Rayleigh. I got a random thought that maybe during the fishman arc how Luffy asks Jimbei to join his crew. Maybe instead of Jimbei, Hatchan joins. Maybe after the future Big Mam fight, Jimbei is unable to join but Hatchan plays a vital role in the fight to where he joins instead. For all we now Jimbei might die. It seems extreme but Ace died in Luffy's arm so does it really get any more intense then that. Plus during the battle someone important dying is bound to happen.

    I also though…

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  • Coby413

    New Attack

    December 5, 2012 by Coby413

    So at the end of chapter 691, Luffy is about to throw a dual Gear 3rd with Busoshoku haki punch.

    I have a feeling that this is about to be a new attack. Luffy is pissed and if it was a simply bazooka or an elaphant gatling, i feel like it would be drawn at the end of the chapter. I feel like it will do damage to Caeser but not much. This fight has only begun.Any thoughts on what the new attack might be?

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