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  • Chopperdude

    Holy crap I tell you! Something about chapter 602 was just too awesome for words. The Straw Hats are FÍNALY TOGETHER AGAIN!!!! Yaahoo!!!^_^

    There were so many great moments in this chapter like Perona's new look after 2 years (love it! ^^), Sanji turning to stone the second he sees Hancock (I have to admit, that was truly funny) and seeing Marguerite for the last time (for now). This is one of the best OP chapters ever! Sorry for any grammar errors but this ch. made me so happy.

    What are your thoughts on 602?

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  • Chopperdude

    There! I just read the whole 598 chapter and HOT DAMN was it a good one or what? ^^

    What is your opinion on the Straw Hats pirates new looks?

    I will say mine later, I need to take a little break because I nearly fainted from this awesome chapter.^^

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  • Chopperdude

    Who do you think will be the new Fleet Admiral? Akainu,Aokiji or Kizaru?

    As much as I love Aokiji I don't think he has much of a chance, even after being suggested by Sengoku. I bet it will be Akainu, simply because of his actions in the war and all. I wouldn't be surprised if he would get promoted to Fleet Admiral rank because the WG and/or the World Nobles liked and approved said actions.

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  • Chopperdude

    Just feelt like doing this after seeing the Q & A topics and opinion thread.

    Keep in mind that this is only about the canon characters. No fillers but I'am thinking about maybe making a 'hottest filler character' blog someday. Maybe.

    Who do you consider the most hottest male and/or female in One Piece? Or the most sexy, or the most handsome looking or whatever way you prefer to put it.

    For me it is Crocodile and Nami (my nr.1 fav. female and one of the best hottest anime/manga girls ever created in my opinion).

    What about you?

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  • Chopperdude

    If you have read Ch. 591 already then you have seen that Chopper reads or see something about Luffy in the newspaper that shocks him. What do you think it is?

    I think it is most likely about Luffy being Dragon's son now that it is public and all but I like to be surprised again.

    So, your thoughts?

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