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with all the comotion concerning the top 2 blogs out right now, why not somebody make a website called ship of fools?

have all members make themselves and explain themselves like they did in the original, and to make crews out of the members.

you could also add pictures of what you look like, what you can do, or even a short spin off manga about yourself or crew!

Another feature i thought of would be chosing to be a marine or a pirate, and to forget the people of one piece. like to have people who want to be one of three admirals be one, without having to worry about if aokiji, akainu, or kizaru are there or not. like an alternate reality to one piece.

that would be a great website, so anybody with skills to make a website like that might want to look into it, and to make it.

although, the only rules should be the standard no trolling, (slight) cursing, ect... and to have it that only three admirals and fleet admiral like in one piece. also, fleet admiral, admirals, and vice admirals are the people running the webite, and pirates are members (who can get sent to impel down for breaking rules XD)

fleet admiral is the person in charge of the website

admirals help under the fleet admiral

vice admirals help under the admiral

4 yonkou: the 4 top people that are voted on by the members

7 warlords: 7 people voted on by the members

(basically, the top 11 people voted on get to be recognised, but only the top 4 get to be yonkou, and marines can't be pirates!)

I'll add more stuff as i think of them, and i would really like people to look into this and make a website called ship of fools.



I thought about the bounty of people might be an issue, if everyone starts their bounty at 1,000,000,000 belli, then it would be chaos of strong people. I thought about the reward system. first you start off at 0 beli. you have to earn your bounty like in one piece. Being elected for yonkou would give you an additional 50,000 beli bounty, and being elected for warlord would give you 20,000 beli, and i think if enough people join, being elected for supernova will give you 10,000 beli. other things decided about later will give you more bounty. i start the rewards a little low so that it would be hard to earn alot of bounty.