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Anybody want to take a guess at how Koby is doing (the small shrimp from alvida's ship). i think he could have eaten a devil fruit and probably gotten up to vice admaral by now. i say that because he was discovered with haki and all vice admarals have haki, and its just a guess.

With an Admiral probably going to be a fleet admiral, who do you think would or can take one of the three admirals place? my guess is smoker because if 2 years could get luffy to get his skills up, then 2 years in the new world could get smoker alot more powers.

and anybody want to guess on the next shichibukai to appear? my guess would be buggy because he got that letter (but nobody knows whats in it) , the government might want to keep an eye on him, or use him to scare pirates (being one of the few known roger pirates that are alive)

now GUESS!!!!