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    One Piece Unlimited Cruise SP is in Japan, but we don't want it to stop there huh? We need it in america and europe! america didn't get the wii versions, and its the top selling game in japan right now! we need it! and it has the whitebeard war saga IN THE GAME! that you can PLAY THROUGH!!!

    Link to great vid about it:

    Link to petition about getting it here:

    WE need 20,000 signitures!

    TELL EVERYBODY YOU KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • ChopperFan

    I think that the Blackbeard pirates are going to have a showdown with the strawhats at the end of the manga, this is what i think the matchups will be.

    Luffy - Blackbeard
    Zorro - Shiliew
    Sanji - Laffitte
    Usopp - Van Augur
    Chopper - Doc Q. and Stronger
    Nami - Catarina Devon
    Robbin - Avalo Pizarro
    Franky - Burgess
    Brook - Vasco Shot

    theres nobody in the strawhats to battle Sanjuan Wolf, so it could be a preliminary fight with luffy. like blueno and luffy in the CP9 saga. or there could be a new crewmember to join and fight.

    anyone think this is the proper matchups?

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  • ChopperFan

    with all the comotion concerning the top 2 blogs out right now, why not somebody make a website called ship of fools?

    have all members make themselves and explain themselves like they did in the original, and to make crews out of the members.

    you could also add pictures of what you look like, what you can do, or even a short spin off manga about yourself or crew!

    Another feature i thought of would be chosing to be a marine or a pirate, and to forget the people of one piece. like to have people who want to be one of three admirals be one, without having to worry about if aokiji, akainu, or kizaru are there or not. like an alternate reality to one piece.

    that would be a great website, so anybody with skills to make a website like that might want…

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  • ChopperFan

    Would anybody eat any devil fruit? if so, which one?

    you can chose ANY fruit that you have seen in one piece or can think of yourself, and choose 3.

    my top 3 choices are

    Kizaru's Pika Pika no Mi

    Marco's Mythical Zoan Fruit: Model Pheonix

    Or Kuma's Nikio Nikio no mi:

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  • ChopperFan

    My idea is:

    I'm predicting that a new vice admiral would be about 16 years old and was discovered in the past 2 years that luffy was gone, and is going to be trouble for the strawhat crew. im thinking it would be somebody with a tremendous amount of haki and possibly with a devil fruit

    P.S. im going to laugh so hard if i'm right and it turns out to be Koby XD

    And im predicting of a person with Ace's old Mera Mera fruit that goes against the strawhats.

    once again, would be laughing if koby was also this person

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