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Okay. So before hints were given, the three Admirals were Aokiji, Akainu and Kizaro. All three are Logia users and of similar strength. Although it is not proven yet, we can safely predict that Aokiji is the current Fleet Admiral (After time skipp). The discussion in this blog is; will Aokiji be replaced and a third admiral is chosen? Or will there only be 2 remaining admirals? We are not aware of another logia user in the Marines. So if there is a new admiral. Will he be Logia? I personally believe they will bring a strong vice admiral who during the war was in the New World chasing Kaido or something to be the next admiral. I think he will be a Logia user just like his 2 equals Kizaro and Akainu. Which Fruit/Power? Hmmm. I think he will be some type of earth logia. Not sure how it will work, but it's just a random guess =P Or maybe a water logia =o ultimate battleground - during rain =P