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I got this idea from seeing somebody else's blog. I didn't know what to make the title.. But I guess what I am trying to say is. Which celebrities would play the straw hat pirates in a movie. Of course I myself do not even agree with some of the things I wrote below.. They were just the best I could think of.. Here is what I think. I could've put more thought into it, but it is late and I need my beauty sleep. =P

Luffy: James Franco (woo!)

Zoro: Christian Bale (Serious badass)

Nami: Scarlett Johansson (Hot.)

Usopp: Jim Carrey (Funny man)

Sanji: Chris Evans (Ladies man)

Chopper: I... I don't know.. He'll be animated and the voice must be his original voice =P

Robin: Sandra Bullock (Older, hot, smart)

Franky: Vin Diesel (Badass with a loveable side)

Brook: Animate him and make Jim Carrey voice. He could pull it off ;) Others:

Mihawk: Antonio Banderas

Shanks: Liam Neeson

Boa Hancock: Mila Kunis

Tell me what you think and if you want more. I can do more =P