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Supernova's Animals???

Hey guys, tis C4PK here! (First time I used that abreviation).

At the start of Chapter 651 we see the SH Crew and their animal equivilant or whatever =P Let me just add Oda did a beautiful job!!! (Would have been cool to see chopper as a human though xD)

So. What would the Supernova's Animal equivilant be???? Here is what I think and give me your thoughts!!

Luffy - Monkey

Zoro - Tiger

Kid - Lion

Urouge - Hippo

Bege - Bulldog

Bonney - Bunny

Apoo - Camel

Hawkins - Horse

Killer - Cheetah

Drake - T-Rex

Law - Dalmation

Gimme your thoughts!

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