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Hey OP fans! Choppaken here.

I have become a huge fan of Pekoms. Everything about him is just.. Amazing! We found out he has an incredibly high bounty, has haki and has a devils fruit. Here are some questions to discuss:

Who will ultimately be his opponent? (I personally think Sanji will.)

Is he a lion who ate the turtle-turtle fruit? Or a turtle who ate the lion-lion fruit!?!?! If I was a turtle who ate the lion fruit, I would definitely prefer to be a lion over a turtle =P

Being able to turn into a turtle (Or tortoise?). Is he able to swim??? I think he wouldn't be able to. He may have a similar story to chopper, how he was first a turtle but became an outcast since he could not swim!! Or he is a tortoise. They can't swim either way..

What is his fighting style? We saw him punch Caribou so maybe punches is his strength.

Is Pekoms and Tamago Big Moms 2 best fighters? Or will we see stronger members of Big Moms crew later on? If they are Big Moms strongest. Why would big mom send them both to FI just to pick up some candy?

I will leave it there. It is a lot of questions. I am still figuring out how blogging works. But I just love Pekoms. Everything about him is awesome. From his name all the way to his Sunglasses. Pekoms is amazing.