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Hey guys.

I wrote a huge blog but I don't think it worked and I don't have the motivation to re-write everything so I will keep it short:

If the straw hat crew found an uneaten devil fruit, who would eat it and what would it be??

Now I know there is almost no chance this would ever happen and if they WOULD find a devil fruit, I'm sure they'd probably lock it in a small chest and bury it somewhere stupidly giving some evil guy an invincible ability. BUT! Tell me your thoughts! =D

Here are mine:

I think Usopp would eat the fruit and it would give him one of these possible abilities:

Zoan-type - weasel or possom fruit. The ability to turn himself into a weasel or possom. It matches his personality since weasels are generally afraid of stuff, and possom cause they play dead.

Paramecia-type. The ability of super good eyesight. Since he's a sniper and all..

Leave your comments!