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Hey all, I know this is probably a crazy idea and most of you will disregard it, however sometimes I just have some random ideas. Maybe all of you even agree!? I dunno..

So Luffy presumably waged war on Big Mom by making fishman island his turf. He also sent them an accidental bomb... However Luffy has done some good things as well. At least I think so. He gave Big Mom all his treasure, which is what she actually needed due to the kid pirates taking some of her ships out. As well as this, Lola, the pink haired man lady from thriller bark, is most likely the daughter of Big Mom. It is not confirmed I think, or maybe it has, I am not to sure. However Luffy and co saved Lola from Moria and was given a vivre card of Big Mom to use whenever they got in trouble in the New World. Well, they are in trouble now!!! Big Mom could be the saving grace to win this battle in dressrosa by becoming allies with the Straw Hats. There are so many things not going right for the strawhats and it sends shivers down my spine to see what happens next. Big Mom may look evil and at one point ate her subordinates, but we don't know anything about her. Maybe she sees something in Luffy as Whitebeard did in the war and was moved by his willpower or whatever from Fishman Island. Big Mom may have lost her favourite island cause of its sweets, but we'll see. Oda might fool us like he has many times in the past.

Anyway. I'm rambling on and wondering if any of you see a chance of things going down like this =P I don't post things here often but I read occasionally. Therefore I don't know how to make a vote thingy..

</span>1. Big Mom allies with the Straw Hats

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