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People always say who theyre favourite characters are and at times it is hard to pick!!! My name is chopper4pirateking. However to me chopper is on par for my favourite characters =P This blog will talk about how much you like the crew members in ratings from 0-10! You obviously don't have to agree so tell me how much you rate them! Here is what I got. NO DECIMAL POINTS!

The first rating is before time skip. The second is after.

Luffy - 10-10 (Duh.)

Zoro - 9-9 (was gonna give a 10 but not just yet. I wanna see more!)

Nami - 6-7 (She's cute and smart. But not as kick ass yet =P)

Usopp - 3-5 (Was never much a fan of Usopp but finally he is a bit stronger..)

Sanji - 8-9 (Because of the eye brow)

Chopper - 10-10 (CAUSE HE IS KICK ASS!)

Robin - 6-8 (Awesome power)

Franky - 9-10 (Biggest Bad Ass of them all!!!)

Brook - 8-7 (Was better as a gentleman and singing em to sleep is just not... cool.. I want swords!)

Jinbei - 9-9 (Yes he will join... lol... And he hasn't changed much in the time skip.)

So these are my ratings on how much I like them out of 10 and of course, my preferences will change as the story of One Piece unfolds!! There is so much we havn't yet seen after this time skip and I am looking forward to all the awesome new things that are going to happen!!!