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Bounties is something that has always interested me greatly and I always want to know the bounties of people. They are also often very unbalanced at times and it makes you feel as though they deserve higher bounties.

We all know the current bounties of the SH Crew but does it really match up with their strength level? Especially now after the time skip. They have all recieved a massive power up. Bounties are set because of acts against the world government or just disobeying the law. The bounties of the SH Crew will no doubt increase over time and this blog will talk about increase in bounties of the SH Crew. My predictin is that the bounties will not increase for a long time and that they will aquire 2 more nakama before the bounties are updated. Give me your thoughts on Bounty increases of the Sh Crew! Here are my thoughts.

Luffy - 500m - Although it has recently increased. I believe we all know it is coming to this. Also because of the new found 'Haki' It simply must increase.

Zoro - 250m - He was training under mihawk so it will no doubt increase. This seems like a nice number.

Nami - 32m - It will double seeing as she has obtained her new weapons and skills.

Usopp - 50m - We can see a big change in usopp after the time skip although I do not see him exceeding 50m. He was trained by a none-famous person (although strong).

Sanji - 168m - I think this bounty suits Sanji well. He should be up there since he is part of the monster-trio. Also, It brings the first 5 Straw Hats to a total of a 1,000,000,000 bounty.

Chopper - 50beli - This will not change. Either he might finally be recognised but it would be hilarious if chooper's bounty would still not increase at the same time everybody else's would.

Robin - 177m - Being a 7th member she should have 7's in her bounty and a 7 also looks like an elegant number, just like Robin. It reaches this high because she was training under Dragon.

Franky - 88m - It will double. 8 is a big, bold number. And Franky is a big man... Cyborg man... 88 seems fair.

Brook - 66m - It will double. 6's look kinda like music notes? I dunno..

New Member (Jinbei) - 250m

Give me your thoughts! This is my first ever blog about anything so go easy on me.. I would love to hear your predictions and reason to your predictions.