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Hey all! Don't really post often, but I would just like to share that chapter 742 i feel was amazing. 10/10 (was it worth the wait?)

I was not looking forward to a flashback, as I thought it would be boring and take like two to three chapter. However, it gave me so many feels, laughs and admiration. So much happened that it really made me enjoy the flashback and fall in love with Curos, no homo. He went from badass, to charasmatic, badass again and then ended up with the disney childhood syndrome while remaining to be a badass. Chopping of his own leg within a heartbeat, I was so glad that this happened. After finding out the toy soldier was Curos (who we all kidding, we knew since the beginning!), I was wondering who it was that was able to strip him from his leg. My first guess was Doflamingo, since it's Oars jr all over again and it seemed to just be doflamingo's thing. Nevertheless, this blew me away and I wish Sugar wasn't such a bitch for ruining his most manly moment ever.

I was glad to see the chapter wasn't all flashback though and was happy to see a lot of plot development. Franky was beat!?!?! I mean I guess he was completely outnumbered, I only now wonder what is going to happen to him. Probably they will lock him up and he will just radical beam his way out of there feeling super. 

Usopp got destroyed. I honestly this time thought he might get maybe one sucker punch in before going down. Nothing... A part of me thought he would have found a way to get the tatababasco grape and sniped it into her mouth. But no. With having the Buggy syndrome, Usopp lucked his way out of this and made Sugar faint. This makes me incredibly excited for the next chapter where we will hopefully see the dark past of dressrosa come to light.

Chapter was worth the wait and I look forward to reading people's predictions!