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Hey guys. I recently made a gigantic character profile on a fan made character I created called Monkey D. Brody. Here is the link. If you would read it I would REALLY appreciate it! =D I spent a good 5-10 hours on it (Kinda lost track of time)

This brings me to the topic of the blog. Let's have a competition! I am sure many of you have incredibly creative minds and I would love to see the characters you create and their back stories! So.. The comp will be a week long I guess so begin brainstorming! Look at pages on the wiki or on ship of fools (preferably mine) and fill in all the possible criteria. Things such as bounties, birthdays, history, occupation etc! It can be any character as long as it fits in the one piece story. So it can be a pirate, marine, mountain bandit or whatever! The more info the better guys. Oda can't introduce a character all the time so it's time we take matters into out own hands!!

Hope you guys participate and I really look forward to the things you guys come up with! =D