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Hey guys. So we know the bounties of some characters in One Piece such as Doflamingo or Kuma. However there are many characters who we have no idea of what there bounties are! People such as Whitebeard, Ace, Marco, Dragon, Shanks etc. So in this Blog I will say of what I think their bounties are. Please leave comments on what you think or what would be a more suitable bounty.

BEFORE COMMENTING You must think realistically. Normally when a pirate crew does something which angers the government or just gives them a reason to increase a persons bounty, it is the Captain that gets the bounty. This is the reason why zoro and sanji have a much lower bounty than Luffy. Also. Iconic figures such as Kuma has a bounty of Beli296,000,000. When I thought of bounties, I thought to myself, "Would he beat Kuma in a fight?" Also. FOr example Ace. Although he is incredibly strong. I didn't make his bounty that high since 1, he isn't a captain and 2. we aren't told if he has done anything to anger the government. And from that I created bounties:


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Most Wanted
  • Gol D. Roger Beli1,500,000,000
  • Monkey D. Dragon Beli1,500,000,000


  • Edward Newgate Beli1,200,000,000
  • Shanks Beli1,000,000,000
  • Kaido Beli900,000,000
  • Big Mam Beli750,000,000

Whitebeard Division Commanders

  • Marco Beli250,000,000
  • Portgas D. Ace Beli200,000,000
  • Jozu Beli198,000,000
  • Thatch Beli182,000,000
  • Vista Beli177,000,000
  • Blamenco Beli152,000,000
  • Rakuyo Beli148,000,000
  • Namur Beli141,000,000
  • Blenheim Beli136,000,000
  • Curiel Beli134,000,000
  • Kingdew Beli129,000,000
  • Haruta Beli122,000,000
  • Atmos Beli116,000,000
  • Speed Jiru Beli110,000,000
  • Fossa Beli105,000,000
  • Izo Beli101,000,000

Shanks' Crew

  • Benn Beckman Beli300,000,000
  • Lucky Roo Beli200,000,000
  • Yasopp Beli200,000,000

Blackbeard's Crew

This particular crew was very hard to predict so you guys will most likely disagree. The original blackbeard pirates to me are also very weak and before the war I believe didn't do anything big to recieve large bounties and therefore have lower ones compared to the escaped prisoners from impel down. They also didn't do anything in the war. As for the Escapee's. Since they escaped, their old bounties become activated again.

  • Marshall D. Teach Beli500,000,000
  • Van Augur Beli62,000,000
  • Jesus Burgess Beli88,000,000
  • Doc Q Beli53,000,000
  • Laffitte Beli77,000,000
  • Shiliew Beli180,000,000
  • Sanjuan Wolf Beli244,000,000
  • Vasco Shot Beli220,000,000
  • Catarina Devon Beli232,000,000
  • Avalo Pizzarro Beli292,000,000

Heart Pirates

  • Bepo Beli66,000,000
  • Jean Bart Beli54,000,000
  • Shachi Beli33,000,000
  • Penguin Beli32,000,000


  • Dracule Mihawk Beli600,000,000 (Although very high, he used to be shanks rival)

Okay so that's it for now... =P