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  • Chopper4PirateKing

    Hey all! Don't really post often, but I would just like to share that chapter 742 i feel was amazing. 10/10 (was it worth the wait?)

    I was not looking forward to a flashback, as I thought it would be boring and take like two to three chapter. However, it gave me so many feels, laughs and admiration. So much happened that it really made me enjoy the flashback and fall in love with Curos, no homo. He went from badass, to charasmatic, badass again and then ended up with the disney childhood syndrome while remaining to be a badass. Chopping of his own leg within a heartbeat, I was so glad that this happened. After finding out the toy soldier was Curos (who we all kidding, we knew since the beginning!), I was wondering who it was that was able t…

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  • Chopper4PirateKing

    Hey all, I know this is probably a crazy idea and most of you will disregard it, however sometimes I just have some random ideas. Maybe all of you even agree!? I dunno..

    So Luffy presumably waged war on Big Mom by making fishman island his turf. He also sent them an accidental bomb... However Luffy has done some good things as well. At least I think so. He gave Big Mom all his treasure, which is what she actually needed due to the kid pirates taking some of her ships out. As well as this, Lola, the pink haired man lady from thriller bark, is most likely the daughter of Big Mom. It is not confirmed I think, or maybe it has, I am not to sure. However Luffy and co saved Lola from Moria and was given a vivre card of Big Mom to use whenever they…

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  • Chopper4PirateKing


    January 16, 2012 by Chopper4PirateKing

    Hey OP fans! Choppaken here.

    I have become a huge fan of Pekoms. Everything about him is just.. Amazing! We found out he has an incredibly high bounty, has haki and has a devils fruit. Here are some questions to discuss:

    Who will ultimately be his opponent? (I personally think Sanji will.)

    Is he a lion who ate the turtle-turtle fruit? Or a turtle who ate the lion-lion fruit!?!?! If I was a turtle who ate the lion fruit, I would definitely prefer to be a lion over a turtle =P

    Being able to turn into a turtle (Or tortoise?). Is he able to swim??? I think he wouldn't be able to. He may have a similar story to chopper, how he was first a turtle but became an outcast since he could not swim!! Or he is a tortoise. They can't swim either way..

    What is…

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  • Chopper4PirateKing

    Hey guys, tis C4PK here! (First time I used that abreviation).

    At the start of Chapter 651 we see the SH Crew and their animal equivilant or whatever =P Let me just add Oda did a beautiful job!!! (Would have been cool to see chopper as a human though xD)

    So. What would the Supernova's Animal equivilant be???? Here is what I think and give me your thoughts!!

    Luffy - Monkey

    Zoro - Tiger

    Kid - Lion

    Urouge - Hippo

    Bege - Bulldog

    Bonney - Bunny

    Apoo - Camel

    Hawkins - Horse

    Killer - Cheetah

    Drake - T-Rex

    Law - Dalmation

    Gimme your thoughts!

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  • Chopper4PirateKing

    Hey guys.

    I wrote a huge blog but I don't think it worked and I don't have the motivation to re-write everything so I will keep it short:

    If the straw hat crew found an uneaten devil fruit, who would eat it and what would it be??

    Now I know there is almost no chance this would ever happen and if they WOULD find a devil fruit, I'm sure they'd probably lock it in a small chest and bury it somewhere stupidly giving some evil guy an invincible ability. BUT! Tell me your thoughts! =D

    Here are mine:

    I think Usopp would eat the fruit and it would give him one of these possible abilities:

    Zoan-type - weasel or possom fruit. The ability to turn himself into a weasel or possom. It matches his personality since weasels are generally afraid of stuff, and po…

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