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I know it. You know it. We all know it. Everyone here hates the 4kids version of One Piece. And if you don't, then you're either 7 years old, never saw the original, or both.

So, what if Funimation never owned the rights to One Piece and 4Kids still ran it?? What do you guys think??

For me, the following things could happen:

  • Dials are given some weird/corny names like Impact could be "Air Blast" or something
  • Enel's power isn't electricity. It's a power that tickles people to near death
  • 25-50 episodes of the CP9 Saga is erased/edited/changed in some way
  • Shigan isn't a "finger gun" but poking some really hard
  • Mr.2 is still with Luffy and the others after Impel Down but is never seen again (unless they reuse footage from Arabasta)
  • Marineford Arc ends with Ace and Whitebeard successfully escaping and everyone is happy except for the bad guys because they are bad
  • Boa Hancock's boobs are shrunk down to B-cups and covered with EXTREME amounts of clothing
  • Magellan's power and diarrhea are completely gone. they are replaced with sunshines and ice cream. Luffy HATES ice cream (it can cause his skin to melt)
  • Oars Jr. is a real pirate with a peg leg and everything
  • Oars is defeated by everybody punching him to "unconsciousness"
  • Sanji's voice is STILL annoying