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So many fight predictions, none of them truly goes beyond the imagination realm.

Simple question: What if the Straw Hats (or any other One Piece character for that matter) went up against Hollywood icons?

Heres the line-up I have so far:

Monkey D. Luffy vs Sherlock Holmes (Ignorance vs Intellect)

Roronoa Zoro vs Jason Vorhees (Two unstoppable killing machines)

Nami vs Herminoe Grangier

Usopp vs Pinocchio (I know you want to see it happen)

Sanji vs Jack the Ripper or Freddy Krueger

Chopper vs Bambi

Nico Robin vs Invisible Woman

Franky vs T-800 or Predator

Couldn't find a proper one for Brook yet.

Post on the comments for any other zany match-ups you'd like to see