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So, it's been awhile and it seems things are going well for the STraw Hat pirates.

But in your opinion, if a StrawHat had to die, which one should he/she be? (For me, I'd say none of them deserves to die. Luffy already went through Ace.)

I dont know if this would help, but heres some of my reasoning on which one should live/die:

Luffy: Has to live, no matter what. Stupid idea to kill him off.

Zoro: Second strongest crew member and the most important one. However, due to his heavy role within the crew, his death could mark a dramatic turning point in the story, possibly leading to a rage-induced Luffy.

Sanji: Third strongest and a brilliant tactician. Also, a great cook which Luffy adores. But, in my opinion, I feel his dream is the weakest and his past doesnt seem to have any drama in it(only a little) to make him move forward like the rest.

Nami: A very useful crew member and everyone would probably die without her.

Usopp: Even though he's the weakest of the crew, he is there primarily to give the crew balance in terms of strength. Also, a great comedic relief, but like in all horror movies: the funny guy always dies.(thankfully, this isnt the case)

Chopper: This would be one of the saddest deaths of he was chosen to die. A great doctor, however, that could possibly heal that disease that Roger encountered. I'm predicting Luffy will contract it and Chopper has to use all his skill to come up with a cure.

Robin: Probably a bad choice in a dead crew member. They went pretty far to try and save her, and her past was really depressing. Her dreams require her to reach the same place One Piece is hidden.

Franky: The man can build. Both ships and human beings. Thats pretty much it. Had only a few screen time, though, so it would be pretty unfair to kill him.

Brook: Like Franky, he barely had a chance to prove himself and given enough episodes. His dream is very close to him and it would be a pity for him to die.

SO, there you have it. Hopefully, this helps you choose someone.