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A few chapters before, it is revealed a man with a straw hat destorys Fishmen Island. However, i thought it was a mistake and was someone else, like Decken or something. Now that chpater 616 is released, I'm starting to have 2nd thoughts. With all these antagonists floating in the air, I cant help but think that Luffy will destory Fishmen Island, but for benevolent reasons, such as:

  • While fighting Hordy Jones, Luffy activates Gear Third and demolishes both him and Fishmen island (like what he did in Strong World)
  • Pissed that either a nakama, Jimbei, or Shirahoshi was severly injured, he goes on a rampage and puts the island into flames.
  • OR, Luffy was just a bygone during the destruction caused by either the New Fishmen pirates or the Flying Pirates or both and ends up coming out of the rubbles, unharmed and unphased by the attack.

So these are my thoughts now and I really hope it's the first one. What do you guys think??