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Well, Chapter 598 is coming out soon. I know everybody here is excited for it! I could say I am too, but I actually feel scared on whats coming up.

Two years is a wide gap for the Straw Hat pirates and frankly, they did get stronger during this time. My main concern/fear is how much luffy will change, primarily on what I read in chapter 597. If Luffy is indeed going to be taught Haki in all three of its form, then wouldnt that make him lose his simple-minded characteristic? If he is able to use that Mantra-based Haki (forgot what it was called), then that would disable his whole simple-mindedness wouldnt it? The whole series was based off of Luffy being clear-headed and/or being analytical on taking down his opponents.

So my question to you is that if Luffy will have any significant character changes or not. If he does, will it be for the better or for worse?