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Koala's Involvement

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Anybody else here think her introduction in the story serves more than just being a signature flashback character?? I can already tell their journey to her home island will be connected to Fisher Tiger's ideals and eventual death. But I feel like she's more than just that.

Here are my assumptions:

  • Her innocence is what got Fisher Tiger killed
  • The flashback is more than just an explaination for Othime and Tiger's ideals on humans, but also serves as a flashback for her as well. (Possible ally/crewmate, perhaps).
  • This is a long shot here: what if she's Charlotte Linlin/Big Mam and Koala is just a nickname/her real name. (Tiger said to leave her past behind. Might as well create a new identity for herself) This could also tie in her involvement with taking over Fishman Island as she feels as owes the fishman a great debt.

So there they are. Post some of your predictions as well.

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