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Like everybody else here, I have a very strong feeling the SHP will get a new crew member, and surprisingly, I'm one of the few who wishes that doesnt happen (9 is enough I think).

However, in 610, luffy seemed to display some interest in Hyouzou (though only from a personal visual perspective). While others claim the new crew member could be a mermaid, fishmen, Caribou (God I hope not), Hatchan, or Shark Boy(Okay, this is just me), now Hyouzou will become the new crew member.

So, what are your thoughts on that? Does Hyouzou have a place in the Straw Hats? Do you even remotely like him?

As for me, I hope not considering Robin is already the "assassin" of the group and he just seems so..."out of place" (imo)

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