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WELL!!! That was an awesome Chapter 613 if I do say so myself. I personally am so glad that Oda has introduced a Fishman with Devil Fruit powers. Vander Decken's Mato Mato no Mi ability looks very interesting. It's like having Aqua Man and Bullseye all rolled up into a Taco Bell burrito. Sorry, but I'm kind of hungry... Anyways, this arc is really picking up and it looks like one of the best yet! However, I do have a problem: Predictability. As of right now, the Straw Hats are once again considered criminals, due to the actions of everyone's favorite lecherous psycho, and Decken and Jones have become allies, ready to concoct a scheme to destroy Ryugu Kingdom. In a matter of only one chapter, the rest of the arc's plot has been forshadowed. The thing I'm concerned with is having this be a repeat of the Arlong/Water Seven arc(s), only underwater. However, I don't believe Oda has put all of his eggs into one basket. I'm sure he's crafting a way to suddenly shift the direction of story, surprise the readers, and blow all of our expectations out of the water. I for one have a gut feeling that there is gonna be some type of plot twist in the near future. Don't know what is is, but I'm really excited for it! Maybe it'll even involve Caribou. What do you guys think???