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    The Plot Thickens!

    February 8, 2011 by Charles Goodshow

    WELL!!! That was an awesome Chapter 613 if I do say so myself. I personally am so glad that Oda has introduced a Fishman with Devil Fruit powers. Vander Decken's Mato Mato no Mi ability looks very interesting. It's like having Aqua Man and Bullseye all rolled up into a Taco Bell burrito. Sorry, but I'm kind of hungry... Anyways, this arc is really picking up and it looks like one of the best yet! However, I do have a problem: Predictability. As of right now, the Straw Hats are once again considered criminals, due to the actions of everyone's favorite lecherous psycho, and Decken and Jones have become allies, ready to concoct a scheme to destroy Ryugu Kingdom. In a matter of only one chapter, the rest of the arc's plot has been forshadowed.…

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