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the prediction will be limited to B Block battle, please bear with me as I am still new with predictions.. also i am not a native speaker, so bear as well with my English ^_^ hope you would enjoy reading it,

Page 1
Chinjao: Do not worry boy, I am going to settle my vengeance in our fight, bye then!
Luffy: whoo~
*Cavendish glares at Luffy*
Cavendish: so you were hiding all that time, staw-hat!
Luffy: Let's just forget this.. cabbage.

Page 2
Cavendish: I don't want this tournament to turn into a chaos, remember that straw-hat. I am going to pass my block and kill you after that, wait for me there. I hope you're that strong.
*Cavendish was about to leave the area*
Cavendish: that Bellamy beat the shit out of Dressrosa's strongest army force captain, Tank Lepanto!
Dagama: I shall admit your strength, Bellamy. But right now, your peacful journey in the new world has officially ended!

Page 3
Elizabello: My right hand is ready to the maximum degree, I shall end this battle right now.
*Elizabello punches the ground under him by all his right hand might*
*The arena is divided into several parts now, connected to the water after that punch*
Bartolomeo: those prodence guys dare to ruin my beautiful sight!

Page 4
*many competitors got swallowed into the water and being attacked by the fighting fish even in the permissible part*
Diamante: those guys destroyed the arena.. what a pain, we have to do some tremendous maintenances after that battle.
Bellamy: shit! if i fall straight into the water.. it's gonna be my end!

Page 5
*Bellamy jumps over the smashed rocks and is ready to punch Elizabello*
Elizabello: he's fast.. I can't do such a powerful punch twice in a row.. it's my end.. prodence kingdom demise.
Dagama throws himself in front of Elizabello*
Dagama: I won't let you kill Prodence' hope.

Page 6
Bellamy: Spring death knock
*bellamy punched dagama into the outside water*
Elizabello: Prodence Kingdom won't forget your favor, Dagama.
Jeet: it's a miracle we have survived from that demolition
Abullah: Jeet. Don't underestimate me, I'd stab any fish attacking us. I will kill it with my trident.

Page 7
*a figure getting out from the water*
Abdullah: here we go, a fighting fish or a fighting whale.. I don't care.. i am gonna eat them all.
jeet licking his sword: then, I will cut it for you.. abdullah!
???: you said you could kill a whale .. I wonder? (smile)
*hack shows himself catching the trident and then breaking it into a half.

Page 8
Hack: I shall chain my anger towards humans for Jinbei's message of peace.
Fishman karate water shot
*abudullah and jeet drowns to the outside water*
Hack: don't worry.. I killed all of the fighting fish.. you shall survive!

Page 9
Bartolomeo: so you are the one who made all of this mess!
Elizabello: (bartolomeo.. what should i do now.. If i use one of these punches.. my whole body shall suffer critical injuries)
Bartolomeo: Geppo!
Elizabello: hell no! he's a rokushiki user
*Bartolomeo runs towards Elizabello*

Page 10
Elizabello: Prodence Furious Punch!
Bartolomeo: Kami-eeeh~(smiling) *bartolomeo dodges his punch*
*Elizabello collapses and fall ground after his powerful punch*
Bartolomeo: come on sir king, I didn't even need to touch you!
*bartolomeo takes the king's crown and wear it, after that he kicked him into the water*
Bartolomeo: that crown is really beautiful.. I wonder how much will it cost?

Page 11
Bellamy: it will cost your defeat. Bartolomeoooo!
Spring death knock
*bellamy punches bartolomeo face*
Bartolomeo: Bellamy!! you think I would lose from such an attack.
Bluegilly: don't worry captain *jumping towards Bartolomeo's back*

Page 12
*bluegilly catches bartolomeo and pierces his legs to a smashed ground*
Bellamy: what the hell is wrong with those legs
Bartolomeo: good job gilly.. that man is far from being weak.. I need your support!
Bluegilly Infobox: bartolomeo first mate.. Iron Legs Bluegilly bounty: 100 million beli.
Bartolomeo: gilly has mastered Busoshoku haki in his legs.. you have no chance to defeat us at the moment.

Page 13
*Ricky shows up*
Ricky: Bellamy! I believe no one could take those two by his own.. what about an ally for now.
Bellamy: heheh sounds good.. then let that shithead bartolomeo for me
Ricky: as you like!
Hack: it's better to hide in the water until these monsters finishes their fight.

Page 14
Bartolomeo: Don't dare to think you have the upper hand for that punch!
Bartolomeo: Rankyaku
*bartolomeo attack destroyed the audiences' seats*
Spectactor: hell no.. my wife got killed from that attack.. are you blind motherfucker!
Bartolomeo: Insects should not be heard.. you know *Grin*
*bartolomeo throws a bomb at the same place*

Page 15
Spectactor: that thing again.. don't mock us you jackass!
Bartolomeo: ohhh~ i forget to tell you that these bombs only explodes by a special order.
Bartolomeo: Explode baby~
(snapes his finger in both of his hands)
*the bomb he placed and the one from before exploded*
Bellamy: that guy is crazy.. he don't give a shit about rules.. he enjoys killing innocent civilians.

Page 16
*bartolomeo is shown from his back watching the beauty of the explosion*
Luffy: that guy.. I won't forgive him
Cavendish: Lucy!