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  • Centillion

    the prediction will be limited to B Block battle, please bear with me as I am still new with predictions.. also i am not a native speaker, so bear as well with my English ^_^ hope you would enjoy reading it,

    Page 1
    Chinjao: Do not worry boy, I am going to settle my vengeance in our fight, bye then!
    Luffy: whoo~
    *Cavendish glares at Luffy*
    Cavendish: so you were hiding all that time, staw-hat!
    Luffy: Let's just forget this.. cabbage.

    Page 2
    Cavendish: I don't want this tournament to turn into a chaos, remember that straw-hat. I am going to pass my block and kill you after that, wait for me there. I hope you're that strong.
    *Cavendish was about to leave the area*
    Cavendish: that Bellamy beat the shit out of Dressrosa's strongest army force captain, Ta…

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  • Centillion

    So much speculations in this.. don't take it so seriously please.. who cares it's not like something gonna happen from it.. hope it will entertain you :)

    Scotch kneels to a shrouded figure!

    Page 1
    Announcer: What a surprise, BB pirate fleet has already made their move for the Mera Mera no Mi.
    Cavendish: Blackbeard, he was among those rookies, I hated him the most.
    Sai: that fucker Burgess, I won't forget what he have done to our peaceful country.
    Boo: calm down bro, we are no match for a demon like him.

    page 2
    DD Mansion
    Sabo hat guy: Young master, seems like BB are going after the fruit.
    DD: what? BB is in Dressrosa.
    SHG: No, they are two of his captains, Jesus Burgess in the Colosseum, while the other one is Shilliew, He was reported to be in …

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