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  • Caring16

    Welp it's that time of year. where our favrotie straw hat wearing Captain's birthday that is, who can eat just about as much meat as a large army, anyhoot Happy birthday Strawhat Luffy!

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  • Caring16

    Sup guys

    September 28, 2014 by Caring16

    Ok i haven't been here in forever, though i do have to say things seem to be allot different then before. i don't get why that is but whatever. As that is just checking the blogs out and man what things have gone on since i been away. ah i guess it don't matter past in the past. though i do have to say i hope to chat with most of you all soon.

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  • Caring16

    SOBA is back!!!

    March 17, 2014 by Caring16

    Ok i know i haven't commented or whatnot in forever, But as an older user i have to let you all know we have big trouble!!!! AND before you all decided to delete this stop and read this. It only take a few miniutes and if nothing else we can stop this stupid SOPA again, Yes the government is at it AGAIN!!!! We need people to sign up. Not just in the US but everywhere around the world. we're all affected by this stupid SOPA. here is the link i beg you please please please!!!! sign up. 30,000 people us each one we have a voice lets show the government we are not going to back down without a fight!!! Link it on your facebook or whatever you have!! we have until wensday!!!

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  • Caring16

    No One Piece

    May 21, 2013 by Caring16

    Hello you all might be wondering why i called it that, Well it got you here right. Anyways a link to the sad news is here.

    Now we all love one piece and poor Oda-sama is stuck in a hellish hospital to get better. We have to let him know we wish him a very speedy recovery, Anyways i hope he gets better fast *shivers* and hope those Doc's don't try anything. Till my next poll ja ne or later :D

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  • Caring16

    The new chapter 634

    August 3, 2011 by Caring16

    well chapter 634 gave us some things to think about Like Luffy's point of view when it comes to Heros and Pirates well i think one pirate is a hero another thing we now know Luffy has mastered the Kings Haki wow to say the least what you thoughts of this chapter?

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