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Captain Groinache

aka Scratch Folchester

  • I live in In the wilderness
  • I was born on October 25
  • My occupation is Meat grinder
  • I am drinking red wine of out a can of paint stripper
  • Captain Groinache

    On another wildly irrelevant note, this time inspired by cous cous and falafels, I got thinking about *hats*.

    What hats do we all like? What looks magnificent on a captain?

    And now featuring a poll! *is dazzled by the technical splendour*

    More to follow on suggestion!

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  • Captain Groinache

    You know what

    October 30, 2013 by Captain Groinache

    I had an idea for a what-if scenario.

    Which *pair* of logia-class devil fruit powers would you have if you could?

    I was thinking about this last night over red wine and cheese, and it struck me as a more interesting question than just picking a single power. Interesting combinations and all that palaver. 

    It doesn't even have to be a cool combination. It could just be something interesting like:

    Numa Numa + Pika Pika = Swamp Light? Hrmm, store anything inside yourself AND travel as fast as physics would allow - very useful

    And now, a poll to sink your bones into:

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