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Hi everyone MDM suggested me that I should start a tournament and as you can see, here it is.

This tournament is going to decide which is the best female character from One Piece by your votes so please have fun participating and choosing which female character you find best.

There are going to 157 girls from the [[:Category:Female|female category]] and 8 stages for this tournament.

  1. 16 Groups, 13 with 10, 3 with 9. Top 4 in each group advance
  2. That'll leave you with 64, so you do a round of 64 single elimination
  3. Round of 32
  4. Round of 16
  5. Round of 8
  6. Round of 4
  7. 3rd place match
  8. Finals

The tournament is back on! The first blog was created by Tuckyd and here are Groups 1 and 2! Please vote!

And to host this tournament we have the perv MDM and his container MJ

MDM: why are you tagging along

MJ: after yesterday! you know why

MDM: shitty captain I can controll myself

MJ: you acted like a french in the worlds exposition fo bread

MDM: Go back to your wife!

MJ: envy much?


(*MDM and MJ are in a smoke fight*)

Director: bring out panda

Panda: I hate my job!

Director: bring LPK too we need some gay guys for every audience


Director: do we have anything ratinal here?

JOPF: spam spam spam spam

Director assistant: dosen't look like it

Director: bring DP

Dp: Next time! Same channel! Possibly same hour!

The Ladies tournament is on!

Assistant: cut

Cameraman: oops I forgot to tape it

Director: *facepalms*